Micro Loop Hair Extensions

Due to the quality of the products and more and more stylists being able to install them Micro loop hair extensions are now becoming so popular you will find all nationality’s and hair types using them. The extensions are used to give body to thinning hair or as a way of lengthening the hair whilst the natural length grows. Practical and comfortable, there are many reasons why people are now choosing this method of hair extension over older and more traditional types .

Micro loopAlso called Micro ring extensions they guarantee a natural look and by looping the hairs together, the method is safe and pain free and no chemicals are necessary. The end results are astounding, and you’d need to closely examine the hair to know that the extensions are in place. With micro rings you can achieve a different look without having to cut or color your hair, add volume to thinning hair, or even protect your natural hair from the daily stressing of styling and drying.

There are plenty of reasons why you should choose these extensions over other methods such as clip-ons and these include not having to worry about slippage, and more importantly not having to worry that people can tell you are wearing extensions. With no chemicals, glues, and no uncomfortable clips, this solution causes no damage to your existing hair and the extensions are sometimes reusable too.

Microloop extensions are added to your hair by simply passing your natural hair through tiny loops. Your hair is threaded through these micro beads and joined with the extensions and the results are so great that you will have to check twice to see that you are even wearing them. Also, unlike other methods they are non-damaging to the hair.

Home kits are available for DIY solution, or visiting a salon where a skilled Blonde micro loophairdresser will attach them carefully is your other option but obviously this will cost considerably more. Once you have your extensions in, you will need to visit your salon every couple of months to ensure that your hair remains tangle-free and that your extensions are repositioned correctly where necessary.

The benefits of using them over older extension methods for your hair are numerous, and this is why more and more people are opting for them nowadays. Easy and quick to apply, they give great volume to the hair and when hair color is matched, they are virtually undetectable once applied.

Unfortunately these type of extensions are unsuitable for very short or fine hair. On fine hair they may not grip properly and on very short hair the loops would be visible in the hair. If you are looking for extensions for a special day, then traditional clip-ons may suit you better as you can simply remove them at the end of the day. However, for thickening and lengthening hair for everyday use, they are the perfect extension, guaranteed to look great in medium to long length hair, and giving you the volume you desire and confidence knowing that your hair is looking great.